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Traveling the world can be expensive, but some countries can be very cheap to travel and make fantastic budget travel destinations. Here are 10 countries to travel cheaply.

Traveling the world can be expensive, especially in countries like Australia, United States, UK or Western Europe. Hotels, food and sightseeing can quickly add up and eat up your budget in no time. While these places are expensive, there are plenty of other countries you can travel to for a little money. Here are 10 countries to travel cheaply.

  1. Laos Laos is a beautiful landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. Rich in culture and natural beauty, Laos has a lot to offer the budget traveler.

Guest houses are cheap and it’s easy enough to find one for under $ 10 a night. Like most Asian countries, street food is aplenty and very cheap at around $ 1 per meal. Even a restaurant meal will only cost you a few dollars. It’s easy to travel Laos for $ 20- $ 30 per day.

  1. Guatemala There are many bargains to be offered in Central America, but Guatemala is much cheaper than the more popular Panama and Costa Rica. Beautiful beaches, rainforests, mountains, and ancient ruins are all on offer, and can be reached at a low price. It’s easy to get a room for under $ 20 a night and cheap meals are available for just a few dollars per meal as well. It is possible to travel to Guatemala for under $ 35 per day.
  2. Greece It is possible to travel cheaply in Europe. Greece is very cheap right now because of the recession, and it’s a great option for budget travelers.

Hostel rooms can be found for as little as $ 10 per night, and street food is available, with delicious gyros costing as little as $ 2 – $ 3.Even with some restaurant meals you can easily travel Greece for under $ 40 per day. 4. India India has always been a cheap country to travel to, and with a rich culture and so much to see and do, it makes an excellent budget travel destination. Rooms can range greatly in price depending on where you are going and what level of comfort you want, but cheap options are almost always available. Cheap food is always available too, and the taste is great! It is possible to travel India for $ 20- $ 35 per day.

  1. Cambodia Like Laos, Cambodia is another country full of culture and beauty, with lots to see and do. Rooms can be found for as little as $ 2 per night, however the $ 10 per night budget is reasonable. Street food in Cambodia is excellent and costs under $ 1 per meal, while restaurant meals only cost a few dollars as well. Some people have been known to travel Cambodia for as little as $ 10 per day, but it makes more sense to budget $ 20- $ 30 per day and really enjoy yourself.
  2. Romania There are many budget options in Eastern Europe and Romania is a great choice. Full of history and interesting people and places, it doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. If you stay at hostels and eat at cheap restaurants, you can travel Romania for $ 30- $ 40 per day.

7.Bolivia Bolivia is an excellent budget destination in South America. High in the Andes, Bolivia offers plenty to see and do. You can get rooms for under $ 15 per night, while meals can be as low as $ 2 per meal, depending on where you eat. A good budget for Bolivia is around $ 35 per day.

  1. Vietnam Like other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is perfect for budget travelers and is full of culture and extraordinary natural beauty. Comfortable rooms cost around $ 10 per night and street food is all under $ 1 per meal. Restaurant meals only cost $ 1- $ 3 per meal. It is possible to travel under $ 15 per day in Vietnam, but a more comfortable budget would be around $ 20 – $ 30 per day.
  2. Honduras Bargain Central America is another small country of beautiful Honduras. You can find rooms for under $ 15 a night, while cheap meals only cost a few dollars. It’s quite feasible to travel in Honduras for under $ 35 per day.
  3. Nepal Nepal is probably the cheapest country I have been to, and perhaps the most beautiful. It is a very poor country and the cost of travel reflects that. Budget rooms and local food only cost a few dollars. If you want, it will be possible to do petrips in Nepal for under $ 10 per day, however it really depends on what you want to do. If you take a trekking tour etc then your budget will increase a lot. On that note, you can still easily travel to nepal for under $ 30 per day. There are many other countries in the world that fall into this category, these are just to name a few. Traveling the world can be very cheap if you know where to go.