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With Covid record numbers in the US and many European nations at the start of the year, things didn’t look good. With the current vaccination and some indications that the pandemic may end, we are still in a better situation than we were a year ago.

According to Expedia, the Greatest of All Trips will be taken in 2022, which is when they were first coined. We have finished looking into the backyards of our own homes. We’re all taking luxurious trips once more in 2022.

But since the world is still in flux, here are some valuable suggestions for traveling in 2022. They’ll facilitate a smoother, safer journey for you. And maybe it will assist you in arranging some fantastic getaways for 2022.

1/ Gather all the necessary data

We’ve all heard harrowing tales of people being turned away or stuck in certain countries because they lacked the necessary Covid documents. One of the best pieces of travel advice for 2022 is to be knowledgeable to avoid that.

Have a physical copy of your Covid Pass and a smartphone copy. Visit the official government websites of the various nations to learn about their admittance criteria. Here is where you can find accurate information.

TIP: My advice, in this case, is to inquire about recent travelers’ experiences in that particular location in various Facebook travel groups. Use the information there as extra guidance rather than relying solely on it.

2/ Make advance plans

We no longer have as much travel flexibility, but it doesn’t stop us from daydreaming about some of our ideal locations. And the holidays there would be fantastic.

Is it staying in Paris for three days? Perhaps taking a weekend trip to Basel, Rome, or Hamburg? Would you like to visit some of London’s top museums this year? Nothing prevents you from organizing the ideal trip right now. Look up accommodations, the most efficient routes to get there, the most excellent museums to visit, and the best tours to take. Once you’re sure, the global pandemic scenario will permit it, put them in a specific document and make the travel arrangements.

3/ Be adaptable

It’s important to remain adaptable because of how frequently the scenario changes. The only thing that remains to do is seek some potential dates to travel on since you already have your ideal trip planned.

Examine the public holidays, potential work vacation dates, and school holidays for your children. For each of those journeys, have a few options prepared. Once you are confident you can make it, make the reservation. You are keeping an open mind while traveling looks to be one of the best pieces of travel advice for 2022.

4/ Don’t be afraid about making last-minute reservations.

In keeping with the previous two ideas, last-minute reservations for travel in 2022 ought to become relatively common. You may reserve your preferred accommodation and mode of transportation if you plan your vacation. You may also easily modify your plans with the museum visits or some of the locations you’d like to see.

For instance, my family and I intend to visit Toscana this year. We looked into the locations we’d like to see and the special exhibitions and museums scheduled for this year. Moreover, we have saved a few hotels that we loved. In 2019, we would choose the dates and make the reservation. This year, however, we have chosen two potential travel dates (one in February and another in April) and are waiting to see how the situation develops. We will then make a last-minute booking once we are sure it is safe and feasible to travel.

TIP: It can be challenging to reserve last-minute items like train or plane tickets or admission to renowned museums. If so, purchase tickets that can be easily refunded or offer a free date change. Some airlines, like KLM, provide free date changes for all of their tickets within a minute. So make sure to search for offers of this nature.

5/ Go on a “workcation.”

One of the remarkable developments of the previous two years was the ability of many people to work remotely. Why not take advantage of being one of the fortunate ones and go on a workcation? You might have more freedom and the opportunity to explore a place more thoroughly.

This summer, I’m thinking about taking a workcation in London for a few weeks. Last fall, I did the same thing when I turned a business trip to the Netherlands into a lengthier workcation.

TIP: Booking your lodging through Airbnb is also less expensive than staying in a hotel. Particularly if you plan to stay there for several weeks or even months.

6/ Enjoy cultural events and museums.

Large-scale cultural events and museum exhibitions were among the things I missed during the past two years, even more than travel. The only times I got to experience them were when I went to several museums in Basel in the summer of 2018 and to various cultural locations in the Amsterdam region in the fall of 2021.

But now that the museums are open again, I think we should prioritize visiting some of them in 2022. There are also some beautiful exhibitions scheduled for this year. However, more will be covered in a Culture Tourist piece published in the coming weeks on the best art shows to see this year.

7/ Continue to appreciate nature

Over the last 2 years, we have all been fascinated by nature. And when we consider the kind of circumstance we were in at the time, it is not surprising. We did, however, learn to appreciate some fantastic scenery and that incredible sensation we get from going on a hike, swimming, or just relaxing in some lovely nature.

You may go one step further this year and plan to spend some time in a natural setting while traveling to a far-off place. It might be some stunning mountains, discovering the islands, strolling through a forest, or taking advantage of anything else you can’t do where you reside.

8/ Holiday Self-care Day

We all seem to have begun to care for our bodily and mental health more than before over the past two years. So why not plan a self-care vacation for this year? It could be attending a yoga retreat, staying at a hotel with a beautiful pool and spa services, or practicing meditation frequently while traveling.

TIP: This wonderful Solo Business Retreat was designed by my friend Stephanie, a marketing and business coach. In my opinion, it’s a fantastic getaway for any businesswoman or female boss in 2022. It’s undoubtedly on my list of places to visit in 2022.

9/ Travel in a responsible manner.

The pandemic has distracted us from safe travel for the past few years. Climate change is evident everywhere on Earth due to people’s significant environmental influence.

Despite the pandemic, we should not forget to travel safely. It could involve avoiding pointless flights, protecting the environment while traveling, abstaining from using plastics, or supporting local communities.

Being a responsible traveler is one of my top travel advice for 2022 since climate change is a problem that will last much longer than pandemics.

10/ Be careful.

The final and most crucial advice for traveling in 2022 is to stay safe. We’ve all had enough of this predicament, and if we don’t take the proper precautions when on vacation, we could quickly become too lax.

So make sure to adhere to the safety precautions, wear your face mask, wash your hands, and maintain a safe distance. Also, remember to enjoy and have fun while traveling in 2022.