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Bridge Travel

Once upon a time, the bridge was a card game that only belonged in bourgeois homes and finer tea rooms. It was a leisure activity that the upper echelons of society engaged in after dinners and invitations, and people liked to play with simple tokens instead of money. Card games had existed before, but what was appreciated so much with this game was that it also required a lot of skill in addition to luck.

The card game bridge came to Sweden in the 1920s from England, where it had already been done for almost half a century. They organized parties that played against each other, especially during the 20th century, the game spread across Europe and through various social conditions. Tournaments and championships were collected, and over time more and more supporters were won.

Today, the bridge is so popular that many travel companies arrange regular bridge trips where players from Sweden and abroad participate. In our times, it is so popular that hundreds of players can charter an entire cruise ship and devote every spare moment to the game. Now and then, you take a little jump ashore and visit different cities and beautiful monuments, but in many cases, the players go into it so much that they hardly even have time for it. There are also wonderful bridge cruises along Europe’s rivers, not least the wonderful Danube.

It is also fun to go to different hotels worldwide and play in bridge tournaments for all ages and nationalities. This is done in many countries like Thailand and Russia, but it is also very popular in the UK and USA. If you contact the Swedish Bridge Association, they arrange several trips yearly, and everyone is welcome. The association also encourages beginners to join. If you want, you can go to bridge school both before and during the trip to feel that you have a chance and can have as much fun with the game as those who are more experienced.

Many bridge trips go to Spain partly because this country has long been a favorite among both Swedes and Englishmen. You can get too small and large towns or the wonderful islands and enjoy sunny weather and wonderful dips in the sea between laps. Spain is an easy country to stay in, not least because of the friendly people, and to come here on a bridge trip combines the best of both worlds: to pursue your favorite hobby while being in beautiful surroundings.

Some destinations offer a combination of bridge and some sport, preferably golf or tennis. It usually happens that you play the outdoor sports in the mornings when it is a little cooler and then bridge towards the evening, accompanied by a good dinner and entertainment. You get the opportunity to train both body and brain, and when you come home after such a trip, you can say that you have done something.

When you go on a bridge trip, several different things are included, including travel and hotels. There is always a bridge host or hostess on-site who keeps it all, sets times and premises, and plays with tiles. So you do not have to worry about any practical details, everything is already arranged upon arrival.