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Disaster tourism

Theme travel can be about just about anything, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to different people’s areas of interest. Some prefer to look at exotic animals, while others prefer the ruins of Pompeii or the diving opportunities of Egypt. Still, others prefer to experience food and drink or perhaps theme parks, and some people travel the world to play some sport, such as golf or card games. That said, right or wrong does not exist, and the more people realize it, the more opportunities there are.

A relatively new way to travel is to get to different disaster areas worldwide. Although it is about death and destruction, there is a fascination with coming to a place where huge devastation has taken place. At first glance, it may sound a little strange, but one should not forget that one of the world’s most visited places is Pompeii, which would not have existed if the great volcanic eruption had not occurred a few millennia ago. Many have also visited disgusting places like Auschwitz since the end of World War II because they want to see with their own eyes what this extermination camp looked like it. You may want to leave a flower in memory of its many victims or show your children what happened here in the hope that they will learn something valuable from experience.

When it comes to modern times, one usually refers to several famous disasters that made people travel there to see the place. Perhaps the most famous is the so-called Ground Zero in New York, where millions of visitors come every year to see the huge disaster area caused by the terrorist attack on the towers on September 11, 2001. To stand there and experience the proportions of this disaster can almost be compared to an adrenaline rush, and it isn’t easy to understand that this was something that happened.

While you are still in the US, many want to go to New Orleans to visit the neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and you can even go on regular guided bus tours during your stay here. You get to hear about the preparations, how it was during the storm, and the terrible consequences it had for the locals. New Orleans residents have sometimes criticized this particular tour because many feel that their lives are being exploited. However, on the other hand, it has given a lot of attention to the problems that many still experiences, which has led to practical help and financial donations.

Thailand is another destination for disaster tourism, and you can come here to visit the areas that were hit so hard by the tsunami in 2004. For many Swedes, it is a very personal experience as many have relatives and acquaintances who, in one way or another, were affected by this natural disaster, and for many, it feels important to come here.

In conclusion, many find it interesting to visit famous battlefields around the world, from ancient battles to modern conflicts. Many themed trips are organized annually and provide new perspectives for history-interested disaster travelers.