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Many people have expressed their desire to travel, just like we do, but they cannot do so due to their way of life. We acknowledge that not everyone would benefit from our kind of extended travel. However, we also believe that there are so many various travel options available that you will undoubtedly find one that suits your needs.

There is no right or wrong way to travel because each has pros and cons. Throughout your lifetime, you’ll probably discover that you love various forms of travel.

The Holiday Weekend

You enjoy traveling, but you also enjoy your 9 to 5 work, so why would you want to give it all up to spend six months traveling the globe? You can still travel on quick weekend vacations, so don’t worry. Make the most of your limited time by searching for low-cost flight options, leaving on a Friday night, and returning on a Sunday.

The foremost authority on this is 48 Hour Adventure’s Justin. He is an Australian who works in IT, lives in London, and spends his weekends traveling to various locations across Europe. Visit his excellent blog to find 48-hour guides to many other cities.

The Package Vacation

The beauty of a package vacation is that everything is taken care of for you. Your travel agency will arrange everything so that your most challenging choice is whether to order a Pina Colada or a Margarita from your sun lounger. All you have to do is choose which gorgeous beach you would like to be relaxing on.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend your hard-earned two weeks of vacation on a sunny beach partying with friends and family, even though dedicated backpackers occasionally look down upon package vacations.

This is not the trip where you soak up local culture or learn a lot about another one. It all comes down to having the fun of your life in paradise for a week or two!

group excursion

Group tours refer to buses full of 20-year-olds who want to drink and party to groups of 80-year-olds who want to see historical monuments. There is a group trip out there for everyone, no matter their interests— ghosts, fishing, cheese-making, or art history. You won’t get bored because your itinerary is typically filled with many diverse things.

The benefit of taking a group tour is that you’ll be thrust into a large group of individuals who share your interests and are likely to meet new acquaintances. However, other people can’t take the idea of having everything planned out for them, and they instead prefer the independence of independent travel.

The RV and Caravan Road Trip

Put some excellent music on, fasten your seatbelt, and embark on a road trip!

Every time you have a free weekend, you may load up and travel somewhere fresh if you own a caravan, giving you the choice of an inexpensive vacation. This is one of the most family-friendly forms of travel and a terrific way to discover the local natural beauties.

volunteer work

Volunteering abroad is another well-liked form of travel, whether you’re constructing a school in Africa, working on an organic farm in Italy, or working at an orphanage in Cambodia.

While volunteering can be a very fulfilling experience, it’s crucial to understand how much of a difference your work makes in the community you visit. For a deeper understanding of this, read this fascinating essay about “Voluntourism” by one of our guest authors.

Travel to events

This is what it means when you go somewhere mainly to attend an event. The Olympics, the World Cup, the Full Moon Party, and Rio Carnaval are a few examples. It might also entail attending a music festival or touring with your favorite band.

Additionally, you’ll visit thousands of other people with similar interests to yours. You’ll undoubtedly meet new people!